Wade Decker

Wade’s (a.k.a Decker) CrossFit journey began in 2014 after meeting his best friend and future wife on the beach in Florida. One thing you should know about Decker is that he has a passion to help people not only in their fitness goals but in their life as well. In 2017, Decker became a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and began coaching classes. In December of 2017, he received his CrossFit Level 2 Certificate. Plans for continuing education include a desire to earn his Level 3 Certificate very soon. Decker has a passion to help anyone willing to achieve their fitness goals. Knowing the struggle himself as a 320 lb man just four years ago, he knows and has lived the struggle and made the sacrifices that it takes to loose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Outside of Tango Delta CrossFit, Decker is a very talented musician who loves to play for local audiences. He is happily married to Kimberly and they have an awesome son named Judah. To sum it up, Decker is an amazing husband, father and coach and would give you the shirt off his back( as long as it’s not his Reebok shirt!!!) just kidding.